Sunday, 18 March 2012

Yogafool's Tips for Outdoors Yoga

The first class developed by Yogafool will happen soon!

Next saturday, March 24th, in Parque do Tejo, Marina & Reyes, the co-founders of Yogafool, will guide the first practice of the Yogafool project.
Yogafool is the development of an idea that aims at spreading yoga throughout the community and it'll be based on co-teaching classes, in which either Marina or Reyes will invite different teachers. It is therefore an inclusive project.

As such, here follows tips for safe outdoors yoga practices with Yogafool!

1. Join Yogafool classes with high spirits and an open mind and prepare for the FUN!

2. Be mindful of the weather conditions. When practising under a bright sun, wear SUN SCREEN! Apply it on your face, arms and other surfaces exposed. Do not apply any creams on the palms of your hands and feet, as you might slide on your mat.

3. Please bring your YOGA MAT! Yogafool will have a few mats available, but not enough for everyone. If you don't have a yoga mat, bring a beach towel. If you wish to use Yogafool's yoga mats, arrive early: first come, first serve. Also, you can buy yoga mats for an accessible price at Yoga-Spirit.

4. Wear comfortable CLOATHING, something in which you can move and breathe freely. Also, we recommend you bring a towel or scarf to cover yourself in savasana (final relaxation). This will help your body to maintain a comfortable temperature and will protect you from direct exposure to sun and wind.

5. If it rains,Yogafool will adapt the practice to avoid slippage and we recommend a light plastic cape to protect from the rain.

Please join us and follow us on Facebook.
We have a lot of fun coming your way!! 

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